Wearing a Dreadlock Wig


Dreadlocks are perhaps one of the most consistent hairstyles in history. First mention of them in history comes from Northern Africa around the area of Ancient Egypt. Maasai of Northern Kenya claim to have worn dreadlocks since their people migrated from mouth of the Nile River. They wear them today tinted with a red color that they get from the soil of their land.  There is evidence of Asians (particularly for religious reasons) and the Aztecs in Mexico sporting the interlocked hair.  Statuary suggested that some of warrior of Sparta Greece wore their hair locked in ancient times. In modern times, reggae music and the Rasta movement has made dreadlocks popular in Western countries including Jamaica and the United States. What was originally an African-American fashion has quickly become embraced by Caucasians and other races as well.  Actresses like Whoopi Goldberg helped usher dreadlocks into the mainstream of American culture.

Availability of Dreadlocks Wigs and Extensions

An Internet search for “dreadlock wigs” will turn up a great many costume wigs for Halloween revelers and costume parties. However, many take their dreadlocks very seriously. There are YouTube channels and social media groups dedicated to discussing dreadlocks and talking about techniques for creating and maintaining them.  Dreadlockssite.com even has a section on “Dreadlocks Dating”.

Dreadlock wigs are wigs that have characteristic dreadlock look. These specialty wigs are often very hard to find and can be expensive for anything that is of quality and  not intended for wear as a costume. There are salons that specialize in dreads and wigs and extensions such as Isaac Davidson of Cyberparler Salon in New York City as well as a few online sites. Atlanta’s Goddess Dreadlock Extensions and More by Keisha is one of the most comprehensive dread hairpiece sites online.  The fun byline on their site reads “Making the World a Much Nappier Place”. Extensions that can be added to your hair are much easier to find than full quality wigs. Many dread purists are against wigs because they see growing dreads as a natural expression. Perhaps this is why the wigs are so hard to find. But even purists seem to admit that people who are losing hair or have poor quality hair have as much right to sport dreadlocks as anyone.

Just like any wig or extension, a variety of sizes and colors are available with dreadlocks. They can be found in short models as well as longer ones. It all depends on you taste and your fashion goals.

Synthetic versus Human Hair

When buying a dreadlock wigs or extensions there are many of the same things to consider as when you buy any wig or extensions. When it comes to dreads, synthetic extensions seem to be more prevalent in the marketplace than human hair.  However, the synthetic tends to be shinier and look less like authentic hair. They also don’t last as long as human hair extensions. On the upside, synthetic extensions are much less expensive than human hair.

Dreadlocks make a unique statement and gaining more popularity daily. For some, dedicating the effort to incorporate deadlocks onto one’s own hair may be too time consuming, difficult and even intimidating. However, for that occasional look, a wig or extensions may well fit the bill for you.