Having thick and long hair is a thing women are going for these days. Although many can conceal their hair with human hair wigs, having a natural long hair is not as easy as one would think. Difficult to keeping them healthy and in pristine condition, a lot of us would opt for a shorter cut since they’re practical and easy to maintain. Celebrities with thick, long hair spend a majority of their time utilizing costly hair maintenance products that takes time and money — something the average person doesn’t have.

Since hundreds of years ago, long hair has been symbolized as a sign of good health and financial capability. Long hair has been symbolized for strength, beauty, and womanliness — appearing in different myths which include Lady Godiva, Medusa, and other noteworthy female figures. Without burning a hole in your pocket, how can you get a cute pixie cut without dabbing into long hair wigs?

Step 1: Choosing between a natural appearance or taking on a celebrity influence

If you intend to turn heads, take the brave route with a colour change or pick out a celebrity custom wigs which include styles influenced by Lady Gaga or those worn by the Kardashians. For a natural appearance, you can utilize clip-in hair wefts to pair with your natural hair colour. These single piece hair extensions add equal length as well as thickness on your head in a matter of snaps.

An example of a celebrity wig is the Lady Gaga Wig from Rubie’s Costume Co.It features a Wiglette bow clip to compliment the Lady Gaga-like blonde hairstyle.

Lady Gaga-like blonde hairstyle

Step 2:  Pick an entirely different hairstyle or switch to a different hair appearance

Modern human hair wigs are not the itchy, costly, and heavy fashion items you’ve observed in the past. Now, you can have a soft Kanekelon fibre wig that translates to realistic appearing wigs which can be styled using a pair of tongs or a straightener. Stylish pony tails are also seen in the market today which involves curled, straight, or wavy looks in different lengths. Simple to put on, they can either be clipped to your natural hair or be placed securely via a drawstring item.

An example of a Kanekelon wig is the Kanekelon Synthetic Full Wig by Maysu. It comes in a long, curly style and made from pure Kanekelon fibre.

Kanekelon wig

An example of a pony tail extension is the 21-inch Synthetic Long Pony Tail Extension from Sodial. It has a brown colour connected by a tie toggle, made from pure synthetic hair, and comes with a comb and drawstring.

Pony Tail Extension

Step 3: Transform you hair from short to long within minutes

If you’ve opted for a totally different hairstyle via the use of a wig, you should ensure you utilize a wig cap to securely hold your hair in order, without any lumpy or bumpy appearance, regardless the length of your natural hair. If you’re looking to connect a ponytail, scrape your hair in a miniature bun, which you can then use to hook in your ponytail. You can look over self-help sites such as YouTube for tips for your human hair wigs-like appearance.