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This is a genuine human hair half wig with a circumference of twenty one point five, ear to ear thirteen point five, while its front to back is fourteen point two five. The cap size of this wig may vary slightly depending on the brand. There are so many brand types of this Sensationnel empress synthetic lace front wig-Bree. It has adjustable straps with its comb location being side and back.

Sensationnel empress synthetic lace front wig- Bree comes with a natural hairline for ponytails. It is loose curl with a medium layered cut that can blend well with ones natural hair. This Sensationnel empress synthetic lace front wig- Bree comes in different shades of hair color. Different varieties of colors are made possible so that the customer can choose from the one to match their own hair.

It can blend well with your own style and give you a nice look in minutes. This is a look that many will admire from you and ask you countless questions such as where you bought it from and how much was it worth? This will make you the happiest woman in the world, not so officious but very beautiful knowing that you have something that many admire. This weave is easy to use because of its comb location being side and back. It is worth only a few dollars which is twenty six US dollars and ninety nine cents. This makes it quite affordable though buying of this human hair varies with the online store that you will purchase it from. Some may be expensive or same as this price while others may be relatively cheap. Others go to the extent of offering shipping at no cost while some can do shipping at a discount price.

This is because not all stores offer shipping of this material. Only a few of the stores do. When you want to buy Sensationnel empress synthetic lace front wig- Bree, it is quite important to buy it from the best online stores and sites such as the Amazon, E bay, etc. Buying this human hair from the Amazon, the shipping costs are done for you. If you calculate your expenditure on it, you will realize that you spend less on your new and fabulous look. With this human hair wig, you can use curling tongs and straighteners. Doing and using these materials will make you feel as if you have just left the hairdresser. When you do this, it allows you to have a break from styling your hair daily. Time is money. The little time you waste, the most you loose out on money. This weave also saves you time and money. If you have a chemical treatment for instance perm, wearing of instant weaves will allow you to give your hair a rest.

Advantages of Sensationnel empress synthetic lace front wig- Bree

This Sensationnel empress synthetic lace front wig– Bree is self styled in minutes and is one hundred percent human hair made of a hundred percent premium fiber. This has been verified and tested. It blends well with any hair and is a comfortable fit. It also features the DX colors which are the latest color trend. Its length is perfect with the curls soft and it barely tangles. These are just some of the few benefits of the Sensationnel empress synthetic lace front wig- Bree, the advantages overweigh the disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Sensationnel empress synthetic lace front wig- Bree

Its pre cut lace has been cut too high, it sits on the head like it’s a wig with no room.In order for the lace to blend naturally on to the forehead and scalp, the cap runs a little smaller than the other lace fronts. It has no side combs with the lace color being too light.

Washing and Maintenance instructions

After the purchase of this human hair, you need to unbox it giving the wig a bit of shake to loosen up the strands. This is because it has been there for long. Buy a wig stand which is ideal for drying the wig when you wash it and don’t get the foam heads. Never get the foam heads as they stretch a wig and are not recommended for drying. You should have a static free shampoo as it is recommended but this is not a must if you have the resources. Do not wash it daily as this will get to spoil it. It is very important to follow instructions of the manual on anything that you purchase, this is to avoid damage of that material. First, you should part your hair from ear to ear and comb forward. After doing this, you are supposed to insert the front comb. Push the cap down and insert the back comb. After completion, you should comb the hair over part and blend hair to desired look.

If you consider following the above the instructions, you surely will not miss out on having a good but perfect look. This human hair half wig has some of the caring instructions that one needs to consider doing so that you have a perfect look. These are: you are not required to use a hot curler on it at any regular setting. Doing this will spoil it. Its heat safe up is 350- 400°F. To maintain a fresh look, you should apply oil sheen or wig conditioner lightly. When washing it, fill a basin with lukewarm water and add a small amount of mild shampoo. Swish the wig gently in the basin to ensure that the shampoo gets to every bit of the wig Rinse it thoroughly in cool water a minimum of three times to  ensure that the shampoo is completely washed out. Using a towel, lay your wig on it, lightly blot out the excess water leaving it to dry. Never brush, blow dry or heat style while it is still wet. Doing this will spoil the wig after it has dried up, you can comb it gently to the desired style of your choice but following instructions.

This product is genuine and is one that you will surely love and never regret spending your money on but simply get the value of your money. This is evident in the look of the wig itself. Check out on a variety that are displayed online and choose the best that will impress you. Sensationnel Empress Synthetic Lace Front wig- Bree is designed to give you a celebrity’s hairstyle at an affordable price.