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Women desire having long and beautiful hair with those that have being advantaged. They believe man find women with long hairs very attractive. Those with short hairs have found themselves on the negative side since they do not have long hairs. Some have gone to the extreme of using hair booster’s in order to have long hairs but to no avail. If you are one, you need not to worry anymore as a solution has been found. Going back to the ancient olden days of the Greek, women did desire long and luxurious hair. This has been made possible in this modernized world. Through the Sensationnel breakthrough process, there exists the world’s finest one hundred percent premium Remi human hair-Goddess.

This weave is made by the Yaki. The Yaki weave by Goddess Remi human hair comes from the best as it is one hundred percent human hair. This hair is tangle, very little shedding and always retains its natural healthy state after multiple washes. This is not quite common with other weaves which loose their color after multiple washes. There are so many Yaki weaves by Goddess Remi human hair but the one that I will consider shedding more light about is the S4/30 color Yaki weave. S4/30 stands for medium brown base color with light auburn streaks. The Yaki Weave by Goddess Remi human hair comes in seven different lengths and ten different shades of hair color that one can choose from.

What does this tell you? It shows that there are varieties of Yaki Weave by Goddess Remi human hair. One can not be tied down to choosing only one but you can be spoilt for choice in selecting the perfect one for you since all are. With their different lengths, you can choose the suitable length that amazes you the most. With this weave, you will be the envy of many with many questions that will be directed to you. Where did you purchase your weave from? How much did it cost? Who put it for you?. Those are examples of the questions that you will have to answer. Goddess Remi human hair weave- Yaki does not cost much as some weaves would do. It only costs one hundred and eight US dollars and ninety eight cents. It’s pricing shows you the quality it is thus quite affordable.

When in search of the Goddess Remi human hair weave-Yaki, it is advisable that you select it from the best online stores. Stores such as Amazon and eBay have proved to be among the best ones. These online stores sell products that are genuine. Some may also offer free shipping cost for a customer as well as discount. Goddess Remi human hair weave-Yaki is the most healthy and youthful hair that you can choose from. It is made sure that all its cuticles face the same direction for less tangling and matting, being tagged and maintained throughout the manufacturing process. This is not a one day or month human hair that will spoil afterwards. Its durable and can last you a long time. It is quite economical as when you spend its specified amount, you will not do so again unless you need to change your look

Advantages of Goddess Remi human hair weave- Yaki

It goes through a unique process of extensive chemical processing to remove cuticles like most other human hair products do. It has protective layers that is intact, remains strong and healthy, maintaining its luxurious sheen longer than the ordinary human hair. Its maintenance is not that hard unless you follow the instructions that are provided for in the manual. Goddess Remi hair weave- Yaki is not hard to maintain. If you need to have a daily perfect look, you need to maintain it. The specific weave or braid procedure will determine actual hair maintenance requirements. It stays bouncy, smooth and resilient after a long time. In other terms, it lasts longer and its price is the best and well worth.

Disadvantages of Goddess Remi human hair weave- Yaki

Everything that has an advantage possesses disadvantage too. Goddess Remi human hair-Yaki has been criticized that it is not of quality. It is hard to comb and brush as it tangles more. This however depends with the type that one buys. If you buy Goddess Remi human hair weave-Yaki weaving ten inch short, I-Jet black, it is said to have a bad burnt smell that even no kind of washing would do.

Washing and maintenance instructions

Detangle hair from ends to roots before washing. Fill a basin with lukewarm water and add a small amount of shampoo. Using lukewarm water and shampoo ensures that there are no dandruffs on your hair. Carefully wash it with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo. Ensure that every part is washed thoroughly. Rinse it with water three to four times to allow flow of water. This allows the shampoo particles that remain on the weave to be washed way. . Do not rub or twist the hair, doing this will spoil it. Follow it with conditioner. When done, gently squeeze out the excess water and pat dry with a towel. Do not rub the hair dry in to the towel.

You can inquire the services of a hairstylist and also do this alone. A salon can only guide you hut you can be economical by doing all these alone. Follow their instructions and dry, style as recommended. For blonde hair, do not blow dry or apply heat over adhesives. If you do this, it will make the Yaki weave by Goddess Remi human hair spoil. This hair looks great and is not like others that after the first shampoo they tangle and become hard to comb. This one is soft after applying shampoo. You will not need to brush or comb it constantly throughout the day since it maintains its perfect shape.

When you want to buy Goddess Remi human hair- Yaki, you ought not be skeptical about it as compared to other types of human hair but rather have full confidence. You will get addicted to this hair and the flow. It flows so well and fits any occasion. This type of human hair fits any age of a woman. Both the youthful, middle aged and the aged women can apply it and it will just fit well on them. If you follow all the instructions as stated and inquire the services of a salon, you will have a perfect look that everyone will admire you. Try Goddess Remi human hair- Yaki and you will surely love it and apply it countless times.