And what is the best way to care for them

The hair style that is also a spiritual pursuit and cool can be named as dreadlock styling, so if someone is not having naturally dreadlocks they can use a dreadlock wig. Instead of having long hairs and making natural dreadlocks, why not a person use impressive dreadlock  hair wig style. It also exist in different size, style and color for the people.

Different ways to make dreadlock wig

Dreadlocks may be seen as style symbol among peoples of various regions. Some of the people admire to be the sign of spiritual pursuit. Dreadlock wig may be carried out very easily and needs less care for them. There are some of the ways described below to dread your hairs:

  • Backcombing method: You can take a smaller portion of hairs on your head and can start dreading it by backcombing. You can make sure by tying the sections that have been combed.
  • Twist and ripping method: This method is also very easy and fast where you need to settle down your hairs for some of hours while getting twisted and ripped.
  • Gel and wax method: Used to lock up hair very quickly within a certain time period.
  • Interlocking or latch hook method: Initial effect of this method will be closer to the mature dreadlock than the other methods.

Steps used to make dreadlock hairs are as:

  1. Consider that dreadlocks work best with curly or very kinky hair. So it is required to stop using conditioner a week to 10 days before you begin the process.
  2. Try to remove residue or buildup with the help of solution like composition vinegar 1 tablespoon-and-water 1 quarter solution. You can rinse your hair in this solution so as to make your hairs dry.
  3. Begin with dry hair. Take a portion of hair about 1 inch square at the roots. Twist the hair tightly.
  4. Pin the rest of your hair back with hair clips or put it in a rubber band so you can concentrate on one portion at a time. Back comb the section of twisted hair, beginning at the root and moving to the ends and then back to the scalp again.
  5. Now add dreadlock styling wax, to each section after combing, and then re-twist it. Wax will mold your dreads and help each lock stay twisted.
  6. Secure the end of each dread with a rubber band. This step carry outs the twists and also gives your dreadlocks rounded ends.
  7. Depending on your lifestyle or time, you might twist the hair portions in a day or in one sitting.
  8. Twist, comb and wax on a regular basis to get your dreads to hold their shape.


Best way to care dreadlocks

Dreadlocks may be formed very easily and need a very low care and the maintenance. Wishing to have nice hair stuff and maintaining them you just only need to wash them after every three days with a good soap or a shampoo. You can also apply the wax to dread them and then smooth up and tie up them. This way the dreadlock wig is more comfortable and easy to maintain hair styles.