The Magic of Short Hair Extensions

Tired of you short hair style? Is it taking too long for your hair to grow? Then you might want to consider short hair extensions. Short hair extensions can add length to your hair design in no time at all.

You’ve seen pictures of your favorite celebrities which show them one day with a short hair design. The next day it looks like they have magically grown a full head of hair overnight. They are enjoying the magic of short hair extensions. Extensions not only lengthen hair, but they can also bring some volume to thinner hair. If done correctly, you can hide extensions and the casual observer won’t be able to tell where you hair ends and the extensions begin.  You’ll suddenly have an amazing style and people will wonder how you got it.

So, how does this magic work?

  • Have the right head of hair – The first step is to have the right head of hair. There needs to be enough hair on the scalp on which to attach the extensions. If the hair is too short, there is little for the hairstyling professional can use to anchor the extension to your hair. Some will refuse to even try adding extensions if the hair is not a certain length, usually more than one inch. To get the most out of extensions you need a full head of hair with a minimum length to it. If you have cut hair too close to the scalp, it may make it difficult to add extensions.
  • Attaching it correctlyExtensions can be clipped on, weaved in, glued on, or fused to the hair.  Of these, the easiest method to hide where the extension meets your hair is the fusion method in which the hair care professional uses heat to seal the extensions to the natural hair.  Since there are no glues or clips or woven areas, there is nothing showing that will reveal that you are using extensions.  This, however, is the more expensive way to attach short hair extensions.  The other three methods, if done well, can also mask the extensions. While they can be “do-it-yourself” projects, it is always better to have an extra pair of hands available to help.
  • Get the right color – To look as natural as possible with extensions, it is essential to match the short hair extensions as closely as possible to the color of your own hair.  Too big of a difference will have a jarring effect. It will be obvious that you are wearing extensions. The goal is a natural and beautiful look.

Using short human hair extensions can be a wonderful way to change your look. It can volumize and lengthen the hair that you have. It can be a quick fix for that haircut that went too short.  Human hair extensions can be curled, flattened and styled to meet you fashion needs. Human hair extensions last long a time – six months or more – and can become a natural part of your look.