Long Hair Human Wigs versus Short Hair Human Wigs

The wonderful thing about wigs is their versatility and the ease with which you can change your look by just choosing.  If you are not trying to conceal that you wear wigs, you can easily switch length, color and style. You could change the word “versus” in the title to “and” because it can all depend on the mood of the day. But there are some things to consider when choosing between a long hair wig and a short hair wig.

Some of the advantages of long human hair wigs

Long Hair Human Wigs

  • Youthful look – Women (and men) tend to wear their hair shorter as they get older. Because of this, shorter hair is often associated with age. Long hair is associated with youth and vitality. And even as you age and your own hair becomes gray or begins to thin and lose some of its quality, with wigs you can still enjoy some of the youthful aura. Simply buy a shoulder length human hair wig or longer.  Almost any age woman looks good wearing shoulder length hair. To enhance a youthful look, a long human hair wig maybe just what you need.
  • Facial features – Long hair tends to soften certain features.  If you have a round face, the frame of longer hair can make it look less round. Long hair can also take the edge of sharp features – a jawline and chin.
  • Frame – Big-boned or tall woman can achieve a balance from long hair human wigs.  The illusion with long hair is that it’s a frame that holds everything in place. Such a frame can help diminish the appearance of size.

Some advantages of short human hair wigs

Short Hair Human Wigs

  • Facial features – Short human hair wigs can help diminutive facial features stand out.  Whereas, longer hair may distract from certain features, shorter hair helps highlight them.  A small mouth will look larger when the face is framed in shorter hair.
  • Confident and active look – Short human hair wigs can give the sense of an active woman. There is something stream-lined and no nonsense appearance of shorter hair.  Short hair brings to mind athletes and dancers.  Short hair can enhance an appearance of perkiness and energy.
  • Makes a statement – Short hair tends to suggest style more than the simple draping and flipping of longer hair. Short hair is made up of intentional waves and curls.  It speaks to fashion and style. Wear a short human hair wig if you want to get noticed.

Deciding between a short human hair wig and a long human hair wig is as much a matter of taste as anything. Ask yourself what you want to convey wearing your wig.  Remember the whole point of wigs is not only to look good, but also to feel good about yourself.  And if you don’t like the way a wig is making you look, the really nice part is that you aren’t stuck with it. You don’t have to cut it or wait for it to grow.  You just need to try another wig.