Human Hair Extension Choices

Advantages of human hair extensions

human hair extensions

There are many of the same consideration with human hair extensions as there are with human hair wigs. But hair extensions are different from wigs. Here are some points to think about when deciding between the two general types of extensions: synthetic hair extensions and human hair extensions.

  • Human hair extensions last longer – Like human hair wigs, human hair extensions last longer and can stay in the hair for six months or more. By comparison, the synthetic hair extensions are good for about 6 weeks.
  • The texture matches better – Since you blend extensions into your hair, they need to blend well. While some high quality synthetic hair might come close, there is nothing like real hair to match your hair’s texture.
  • Styling – You can style human hair extensions the same way you style your own hair. Unlike synthetic hair extensions, you can heat style, curl or straighten human hair extensions at home, and even color them if you want to. If you’re going for a curlier look, you don’t want straight extensions and the other way around. With human hair extensions, you can match to any hairstyle you’re wearing.

Different Choices for Attaching an Extension

Deciding how to attach depends a lot on personal taste and purpose for the wig. Some are easier to attach and remove than others which stay with you for a longer period of time. So when choosing an extension, decide whether you want something less permanent and easily managed at home or more permanent and requiring the help of a hair care professional.


  • Clip: These can are extensions that can be easily put in at home on one’s own.  Using simple method of clipping the extension you own hair, you can length and volume easily.  They are also easily removed and are great for special events when you want to go for a different look.
  • Glue / tape: Attaching extension by glue or tape are just what they sound like. Some kind of adhesive element is used to attach the extension to your hair.
  • Weave: With this method the extensions are literally woven into the hair using threads.
  • Bonding: The extension is attached to your hair using a bonding agent. This is a long term method that can last up to 4 months. After the 4 months the bonding begins to breakdown and release the hair.

Before you start shopping for your hair, decide what look you are trying for. Knowing this will help you make better decisions about your extensions. Do you want longer and straight extensions or curlier and shorter extensions? If you are accustomed to shorter hair, will longer hair be uncomfortable for you? Perhaps you need to go to a more medium length instead.

Buying human hair extensions can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor. Make sure that you know what want and that you are comfortable with your decision. Remember that it is about you and how you look and feel. Be wary of anyone trying to tell you what to buy. This is one area of life where you should indulge your own likes and preferences. Listen to advice on extensions, but decide for yourself.