There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to human hair wigs and synthetic-based wigs. Years ago, human-based long or short hair extensions are usually observed as a better product and to this very day, still have plenty of upsides compared to wigs made from synthetic material. But with technological advancements in making fibers, some newly introduced fibers are offering cheaper and a realistic appearance to the still expensive human wigs.

An example of a human hair wig is the Mommy Human Hair Wig from the Janet Collection. It features a full wig made from pure human hair in a curly style.

Janet Collection


The advantages of wigs made from human hair

Short or long hair wigs from human hair are considered to be versatile since they can be styled with straighteners and hair dryers — allowing for increased flexibility in changing the appearance of your wig.  It can be dyed or can include highlights or putting foils through it, however, care needs to considered and it’s often ideal to have an experienced professional to deal with such wigs.

The natural feel of such natural long or short natural hair extensions offers a realistic appearance and soft feel. Having natural hair allows it to move like your own hair when making head movements or when wind blows through it. Also, it doesn’t shine excessively like some of those synthetic hairs you see today.

Through careful care and attention, such wigs can last for a long while compared to their synthetic siblings. Some consumers say that with a bit of care, their wigs can last a little over a year when having them on daily.

The disadvantages of wigs made from human hair

A lot of care is needed when maintaining such natural long or short hair extensions compared to synthetic wigs since hair can easily dry out. Using heat for styling also indicates more care is required to make the hair appear pristine. They’re also vulnerable to breakage during brushing and will need a bit of maintenance from the maker which can stack up additional costs.

The advantages of wigs made from synthetic materials

Synthetic wigs are far cheaper since fiber can easily be made. Therefore, they’re widely available and affordable compared to a quality made human hair. Technological advancements in fiber producing show that synthetics can appear almost as natural as anyone can observe without examining one closely.

Less wig maintenance makes synthetic short or long hair wigs favorable for individuals who are suffering from medical reasons, as they’re usually busy going through treatment or in a recovery to find the time require to maintaining a human-based wig.  Synthetic wigs can be worn on the go and usually needs a bit of combing after washing.

Synthetic wigs aren’t severely affected in hot weather. Single fibers are constructed far stronger compared to wigs made from human hair.

An example of a synthetic wig is the Pretty Long Women’s Synthetic Wig – – Neat Bangs – Long Full Hair. It has pop-look design that is soft to touch and has an appearance of human hair.



The disadvantages of wigs made from synthetic materials

Too much heat can destroy synthetic fibers on any non-dreadlock or dreadlock wig. You’ll be limited to the number of styling that can be accomplished on a synthetic wig. In a nutshell, anything with temperatures over sixty degrees Celsius will destroy the fibers. Synthetic fibers are vulnerable to abrasion when worn and will need to be frequently replaced every several months.

To conclude

As you can see, there are upsides and downsides when dealing with human hair wigs and wigs made from synthetic material. It basically comes down to your personal preferences with regards to the look you’ll be going for, the time it takes to care for one, and how much you can afford.

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