Designed just for you: Custom Wigs

You know that as soon as you see the word “custom” that there is a higher amount of money involved.  Wigs made just for you can be quite expensive. And they can also be quite worth it if you are particular about the way you look.  A custom wig is going to be far superior to most other and can cost as much as $5,000 for the right touches. While every custom wig isn’t going to be that expensive, you should be prepared. And as with anything else that is custom made, it can take a lot of time to create that personalized product. Getting the help of a professional wig designer, while not always necessary, will probably save you a world a grief over trying to do it on your own.  A consultation with an expert is always advised.

How to Buy a Custom Wig

As with any important purchase, you want to decide just what it is that you want before you go out to buy it. If you are going for a high quality custom wig, you probably have already decided on a human hair wig. You also need to decide how you want to style it, what length that you want it to be and what color will suit you.

Once you’ve decide on your preferences, you should schedule an appointment at a wig shop to discuss those choices with a wig maker. During that visit you can talk about the type of hair, color, and how you want to style your wig. You might even discuss if it is for everyday wear or for special occasions. At that time, the artisan will measure your head, so that he can create a cap that fits you perfectly. He may also take a sample of your hair if you wish to match the wig color to your own. Since hair is usually not monochromatic, he will need to blend in different color hair to come up with a match.

There is usually a second consultation to make sure that the cap fits and that you are happy with the hair that he as selected and blended for you.  If the cap isn’t quite right, he will work with that to make sure that it fits you exactly as it needs to. He wants to do all of this before he starts the labor intensive work of hand tying the strands of hair to your wig.

Once the wig is constructed, it may take several visits more to complete the styling. Since you can’t uncut a wig, and it won’t grow back on its own, the professionals will be very slow and careful about getting it just the right shape that you want before it’s ready to take home.

The final step is easy. Just wait for the compliments on your hair and enjoy. The quality and personalization of the wig should make the money and the time you spent on it well worth it. Hopefully, you will end up with a wig like no other that is customized for you alone.