Choosing a Human Hair Full Lace Wigs

human hair Lace wigsWhen a movie or television studio is buying a wig for its star, they will typically go to the human hair full lace wig.  That is because the camera is unforgiving. Cameras, especially in the HD era, show you everything. Film and video need hair that looks natural and as though it has grown from the scalp of the actress.  Human hair full lace wigs fit that bill and are hard to identify as a wig without very close inspection.

Lace wigs are carefully crafted wigs that are most like the pattern on a human head. The best are hand knotted which means each strand is painstakingly tied to the lace. If you’re interested in how this works, there is a video taken from the Discovery Channel on You Tube at that will give you a general idea. While there are different techniques for making a human hair full lace wig, there are many more similarities in the methods.

Just like with the hair you grow on your head, you don’t want it to be too thick or too thin. Low hair density on a lace wig will show your scalp just the way it would on a head that is naturally losing its density and balding. Too thick and the hair becomes heavy and hard to manage. Most recommend a density of between 130% and 150% depending on how you decide to use the human hair full lace wig. You want the right hair density for styling and comfort.

You also want to consider if the lace wig is hand tied or if it manufactured by the machine. Again, the quality is different in that an artisan wig maker will carefully tie in the human hair strand by strand making sure each is exactly right. A machine will insert the hair in less precise batches. It’s reasonable to assume the hand tied hair will flow much better and act more like a normal scalp of hair.

Double knotting is a technique for hand tying the hair into a human hair full lace wig. This gives the wig an extra measure of durability and long-life, but it can have the downside of showing if it is not a good match to the lace cap in color. One way that wig makers deal with this is called bleaching where they lighten the knot and the hair look more like it’s growing from the scalp.

A good human hair full lace wig will have no detectable hairline. No matter how you part your hair or where, the wig will look like own hair. It should flow and move with you like the hair you grow yourself. The goal is to have people admire your beauty and not to have them be distracted by an obvious wig. Human hair full lace wigs provide the quality that allows you to experience seamless hair.  While human hair full lace wigs may cost more, they are easy to care for, easy to style and well worth the expense.